What started out as passion and love of chocolate has now matured into a healthy obsession of creating the finest chocolates and confections around for all chocolate lovers to enjoy! Chocolista is committed to creating, sophisticated, delicious, luxurious chocolates in a manner that is fair and ethical to the earth and the people on earth!

our values
Chocolista is committed to using single plantation couverture chocolates purchased from a manufacturer that is committed to finding the best cocoa beans in the world. The manufacturer has an established, fair and ethical trading relationship with the planters and is committed to producing chocolate with unsurpassed quality without the use of additives or preservatives.Whiskey Truffle

Chocolista is committed to always using local ingredients when possible. We source out the highest quality local dairy, herbs and in- season ingredients. By doing so, not only are we ensuring the freshest product, but we are also supporting our local farmers and suppliers and reducing our carbon footprint in the world.

We are on a continuous journey of experimenting with new flavors and ingredients and always infuse our chocolates with seasonal ingredients. Please check back often as we always have a new flavor for you to try!